Catching Up!

Looking back through my database of photos I realized that I missed posting some to the blog!

Oh, don’t we all wish it was this warm outside now? Love the bokeh of the out-of-focus trees in the background in this shot and the one below:



My children, showing some sibling love!


As I recall I couldn’t get Noah to sit still for long, or even look at the camera!


He did want to scooter though!


Refreshed my look this fall, and took some self portraits, I was happiest these two:



I’ve been trying to perfect my latté art, here are two attempts:



Now, don’t confuse these photographs of my sister, Monica, as more self-portraits! We do look alike, because we are twins! When she was over for Thanksgiving dinner I suggested I take a good photograph of her because she just looked fabulous, don’t you agree?:-)

The first two images were taken in my front hallway, which gives great light for this, you may remember the photograph of my friend Diane that I took in the same location:



This one was taken in the driveway beside my house. You may remember photographs of my friend Jeff, taken in the same location almost a year ago:


That’s all for now!

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