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My Birthday Boy!

My son Noah turned 9 today! Caught these two photos of him on the way home from school: But on the weekend he had his big birthday party with his friends from school. On Saturday he helped me bake a cake: On Sunday morning we iced and decorated the cake: Noah enjoyed the left over […]

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Yummy pulled pork, mashed potatoes, and more

Made the yummy slow cooker pulled pork a couple of weeks ago (see link to the recipe here). You’ll know it’s done when it pulls apart very easily: It’s much yummier once you add the bbq sauce though! Asked the kids what they wanted, one wanted mashed potatoes, the other brown rice. Did a MUCH […]

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Latté and Dinner

As I managed a decent Latté design I caught a quick shot of it the other morning to post on my blog: Then I thought I would photograph one of my favorite vegetables, Swiss Chard with Caramelized Onions, here are two onions with the swiss chard in the background: Freshly washed swiss chard: Very easy […]

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