Madison BW: Family Photography, Toronto, Ontario

Since I’ve already run a photo of the youngest daughter, Abby, from my family shoot last Sunday, I thought I would now work from oldest to youngest. (Chelsea, that means you’re up tomorrow!) The next three days will be close-up shots, of the daughters, taken with my 100 mm macro lens.

Shortly after we began the photo shoot a very dark cloud loomed over us. Sure enough it started to rain, but it was one of those weird rain storms where the sun was still shining. As there were no convenient coffee shops to dash into, we took cover in a bus shelter. The lighting was actually perfect for the close-up shots as there were wonderful catch lights in all the girls eyes. So we didn’t end up losing any shooting time. By the time we were finished the rain had almost stopped and we proceeded with the family session in the park.

So here’s one of beautiful Madison. Tomorrow will be Chelsea and then Abby the day after that.


I hope you like your photo Madison!

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