The B.N.-Family: Toronto Newborn Photography

Nate made his arrival, almost right on his due date too! (You may remember mom’s maternity session.)

We started up the gas fireplace to make Nate cozy, and hopefully sleepy! (Well, that part didn’t really work! lol)

Shiki, who was nervous of the camera during the maternity session, wasn’t nervous at all this time! I love this shot of her! She’s so cute!

Nate, almost falling asleep….

Love this one of Nate ‘drunk’ on momma’s milk! (I caught him as he was being burped!)

At the end I was able to capture a quiet moment between Mom, Dad and newborn Nate:

Tracey and Jeff, thanks for being so patient as we tried to wait out Nate getting sleepy…of course newborns have their own ideas and schedules, as all parents know! 🙂

Shannon LittrellMay 9, 2008 - 9:06 am

Beautiful! I love the black and white images best! Great job!

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