Another week’s worth of images….

Hmmmm, yet another week’s worth of images…I really need to try to build some time into the week to upload on a more regular basis! Well, I do have some more images to upload, so I will aim to do that in the next day or two…certainly before the end of the week in any case!

The kids and I had an errand to run up at Yonge and St. Clair the other day, so had a quick bite of some sushi (actually Noah passed on the sushi, and had McD’s instead! Crazy kid! lol).


I decided to throw the Lensbaby G3 on the camera, but forgot that I had the star shaped aperture disk installed, which explains the star shaped bokeh!


With this shot I realized I had the star shaped aperture disk installed…kind of hard to miss in this one! 😉


And in this one too!


Then I switched back to the regular round disk:


Back to my fav 85:


Shot this one of my sister in very low light conditions, gotta love a fast aperture for that!


Diane is a really old friend of my sister’s and mine from high school days. I haven’t seen her in about 23 years or so! And she’s just as beautiful as she was back then!


Shot wide open under an overpass:


Just out and about on the street somewhere:


Ran into this good looking kitty in a back alley on the way home. Managed to get a few shots before he became much too interested in just saying hello and jumped off the car to visit with us.


That’s all for today…more to follow tomorrow!

Sam PardueJuly 15, 2008 - 1:09 pm

Holly, these are very fine portraits. Quite impressive!

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