Our New Neighbours

Back in late June I happened to notice that we had new neighbours, a robin had built a nest in a tree right in front of our house. Frankly I was questioning this mother bird’s ability to mother as I don’t think she could have picked a more unstable tree if she tried! This evergreen tree makes me think of the sad little christmas tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. It is quite droopy and seems to be anchored to the house, allowing it to remain upright.

Nevertheless, shortly after we noticed the nest we saw a beautiful blue egg, followed by three more.

Well, last week the babies hatched! We are not sure what happened to the fourth egg as there are only three babies. They are growing very fast with the first images taken last Thursday and the last of the images take yesterday.

Here the father hovers over the nest:


One baby looks for food:


It’s hard to see in this image, but there is one baby behind the front one, and then the beak of the third to the right:


A bit of a mumble jumble of babies:


Time to have a nap (this shot, and the next six, were taken on the 20th):


They have grown so much in only three days!


Mom arrives:


They’re still hungry!


And in between feedings they nap:


The father looks on from a nearby tree:


A closer macro shot:


I had to wait for quite a while, very quietly, to frame this shot:


They look rather alien like to me…what do you think?


They are now stretching quite far out of the nest in search of food from their parents, so much larger then when they were born ~6 or so days ago:


The three babies really fill up the little nest now:


This one is the smallest of the three, and looking for more food to catch up to the siblings:




Looking for food, but not making too much of an effort at it:


Check back soon as I will continue to chronicle the babies growth, until they leave the nest (which will probably be soon given the fast growth!), I should have some new images in the next few days.

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