Hero, one very sweet cat! Toronto, Ontario Photography

We had a VERY special visitor come to our house the other day, this is Hero, a beautiful lynx point “Neva Masquerade” Siberian. The breeder was kind enough to bring Hero (who is 4 1/2 mths old) for a visit to see how Noah handles the breed. Noah has an allergy to cats and Siberians are known to be much easier to tolerate then an average cat. (Equipment Used: All images were taken with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens.)

Hero belongs to a very nice breeder located here in Toronto, and what a sweetie he is! Not only is he beautiful, but he has the most amazing personality of any cat I have ever met!



He was amazing with Noah, very tolerate of being handled and held:


Look how relaxed he is hanging out with my son! It was wonderful to see Noah having the fun and enjoyment of playing with him:


Of course Rebecca also adored him:


The lynx point has colour on the face, paws, tail which is striped, like a tabby, which creates a gorgeous cat:



He is such a beauty, he is going to make great kittens:


Just before the breeder left she demonstrated the ‘cat-show’ pose, no complaints from Hero!


Siberians are heralded as the “dog of the cat world”. They bond with their owners and want to be with them. They do not run and hide when visitors arrive, but instead come and greet them, as most dogs do. They are also known to be lap cats, honestly I don’t think I could ask for anything more personality-wise! I am very excited and happy (as are my children) that we have placed ourselves on the waiting list for a kitten, which will hopefully arrive early in the new year.

I am very hopeful that Noah will be able to tolerate the kitten and we will have many happy years with the new addition to the family. I will be taking additional measures to ensure the success of this venture, such as bathing the kitten from a young age, keeping her out of my son’s bedroom, etc. I believe that growing up with a wonderful pet, such as our kitten will be, is a fun and valuable learning experience for a child to grow up with.

Of course watch for the many photos that will be posted to this blog when the new addition arrives!

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