Trip to Ward’s Island: Toronto, Ontario Photographer

A few weeks ago a friend and I took my kids and went across to Ward’s Island. Despite the ongoing Toronto strike, it was not at all difficult to get across to the Island as there is a smaller ferry (water taxi) that makes regular trips to and from the Islands. Public washrooms are also open on the Island.

I decided to bring along my Lensbaby lens for a change.

Caught this one of Noah as we were in the ferry about to depart to the Island:


Noah braved the cold of the water right away:


Equipment Used: The following were taken with the Canon 70–200 f2.8L IS lens.

It was an absolutely PERFECT day! It was breezy coming across on the ferry, but once we got to the beach there was no wind to speak of, a beautiful summer day, which have been in very short supply here in Toronto this summer!


Rebecca decided the water was way too cold, she enjoyed the beach:


Noah brought toys from home to play with:


Then he and his sister enjoyed the beach together:


The long zoom of a 200 mm lens is perfect for shots like this! Well away from the splashing of the water!


Rebecca returns from a washroom break:


Noah really braved the water at this point! Right in there swimming:



He was freezing when he came out, I think he was glad I insisted that he bring a warm jacket!


For the trip back I changed back to the Lensbaby lens again, caught these two sunset skyline shots on the way across to the mainland:



The Lensbaby lens is especially fun for evening/nighttime shots as the lights in the background create such cool bokeh.



Ward’s Island is a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer day! Let’s hope we have more beautiful sunny weekends like this one, rather then what we’ve had this current weekend which is lots of rain and thunder!

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