The G Family: Family Photography, Toronto, Ontario

Had a fabulously fun session with Deborah and her son, Christopher, for my last family session of 2009.

(See “My Camera Equipment” in footer section for links/more information on camera equipment used.)

We started out inside with a family photo including Butterscotch the cat (shot with the Canon 24–70 mm f2.8L lens):


Christopher is learning guitar, and mom wanted a shot of him playing (shot with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens):


Love these two, shot in the back alley behind the house, such great ‘boy’ shots! (Shot with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens):


Loving these moments between mom and son (both shot with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens):



Love these shots of Butterscotch being taken for her daily walk in the back alley, so cute! (Shot with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens):


I adore this shot of the whole family, going for a walk (shot with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens):


Christopher was trying to be tricky, and hide from me for this shot, and it ended up being a fabulous relaxed portrait of him (shot with the Canon 85 f1.2L lens):


Thank you, Deborah and Christopher, for being such fun for my last family shoot of the year!

Dado Norma & FattiDecember 15, 2009 - 8:43 pm

Ooohh ! They’re beautiful !

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