Finnegan: Toronto Pet Photography

Allow me to introduce you to Alice’s half brother, Finnegan! Alice and Finn have the same mother, but different fathers. When my sister, Monica, kitten-sat for us when we traveled to Disney World (Dec. ’09), she completely fell in love with Alice and put in an order for her very own Siberlynx kitten, and here he is!


We started off in Monica’s bedroom, where Finn played on her bed:

Finn bed collage

Then we moved out into the kitchen and living room. Looks like Finn has found his reflection! In the last shot you can see how small Finn is, he’s a tiny little guy, only weighing ~15oz at his first vet appointment (by comparison Alice weighed ~23oz at her first weigh-in). He meow’s quite a bit, especially if he wants to be picked up, so I caught a shot mid-meow:

Finn in kitchenetc collage

Then we settled Finn down on the sofa (arm of the sofa here), as we knew he’d be ready for a nap soon:

Finn arm of sofa

And it didn’t take long at all…

Finn snoozing arm of sofa

The snoozing photos remind me very much of Alice snoozing, as since here (scroll down), and look how adorable he is sleeping on his back! Too cute:

Finn snoozing

Finn snoozing on back

The last shot I took of him, he peeped his eyes open, and then went right back to sleep:

Finn on sofa

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