Finnegan Update: Toronto Pet Photography

Finnegan is the half-brother of our cat, Alice (you can see more of her here), and he is almost seven months old, and about to become a full-fledged cat, so I went over to my sister’s to capture some shots of him.


We started off in the bedroom:

Finn bed collage

Then we moved out to the deck. Trying some ‘bokeh’ texture in this one, as I saw a photog friend using it on GooglePlus, this one also adds a bit of texture to the image, think it adds some interest to the background:

B3C9809 Edit

Finn deck collage

Then we escaped from the heat and moved inside, trying another ‘bokeh’ overlay with the first image:

B3C9847 Edit

Finn inside collage

The next time I visit for photos he’ll probably be almost fully grown, with a mane of fur around his head like Alice has. 🙂

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