The Cats: Toronto Pet Photography

A few captures of the household cats over the last few days.

Alice was at the kitchen window, with Finnegan in the background:

Finnegan on counter top through screen

Alice at the kitchen window:

Alice through window screen

Alice through window screen2

Then I brought her outside:

Alice at window ledge on deck

Finnegan jumped up to keep watch:

Finnegan through window screen

Zoe just hung out on the sofa:

Zoe on sofa

Alice snoozing and hanging out:

Alice snoozing in sun

Alice on pine piece

Alice on counter top

Finnegan chilling out:

Finnegan on green box

Finnegan yawning

Finnegan licking his paw

Wondering what’s up with all the photos:

Finnegan on shelf

Finnegan peering up at me from shelf

He knows he’s a good-looking guy:

Finnegan the cat

Finnegan looking up at me

Finnegan in kitchen

(Equipment used: Canon EOS-1D MarkIV (new version of this camera is the Canon EOS-1D X Digital), Canon 50 f1.4 lens & Canon 85 f1.2L lens)

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