Some photos from halloween, first a couple from the Halloween Parade at school:

Rebecca, in her Goth outfit/make-up:

Noah, in his put together creepy costume:

On the way to trick-or-treating. Lensbaby lens with the star creative aperture disk, which turns points of light into stars: (I attempted to make a Halloween shaped disk, but ran out of time…maybe next year!) (edited to add: I forgot that I had these cool Halloween borders from Pink Ink Studios!)

Here are a few of Rebecca and Alison. It was quite dark at this point so the photos are rather grainy due to high iso setting on the camera. All of shots, from Halloween night, are shot with the lensbaby lens, with the star aperature disk installed.

Various Halloween pumpkins from the night:

Until next year…happy halloween!

Gordon McGregorNovember 2, 2007 - 2:53 pm

Ooooh, a pumpkin shaped aperture disk – that could work!

I tried one a few months back with quite a bit of detail in it and it actually worked out surprisingly well.

Little christmas trees might work too…

HollyNovember 2, 2007 - 2:59 pm

Hi Gordon,

Did you use one of the blank discs that came with the creative aperature kit? I had heard that it was a good idea to try it on black poster board first, but had a devil of a time cutting it accurately. What did you use? Have any photos to share?

[…] I’m a bit behind in my blog posting! Another Halloween has come and […]

[…] I’m a bit behind in my blog posting! Another Halloween has come and […]

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