Sunday, in the Park

We waited until about 4 pm to head to the park on Sunday, hoping it had cooled down just a bit which, thankfully, it had!

Noah, shot wide open to maximize the bokeh:


Rebecca, and more bokeh!


The kids found some left over water balloons from the Fun Fair on Saturday, here Noah is running from his sister, who’s trying to throw a balloon at him:


It was all fun and games until his big sister did something silly by emptying a whole water balloon on him, he was not happy 🙁 (and she immediately regretted it as then he didn’t want to play anymore!)


Then she proposed that he empty a balloon over top of his head, he took her up on that!


And he was happy again!


Before we headed home we met Tucker! What a cutie!



And then, luckily, we got home before the weather turned! I can’t say I enjoy the crazy weather systems that come along with the heat and humidity!

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