Rainy Weekends…

I think we in Toronto (and I’m sure elsewhere!) have had our share of rainy weekends this summer. We are almost half way through the month, and then summer will be over. So, not having had the chance to get outside to shoot today, I was going through some older shots that I thought I would post on my blog for fun.


The rainy shots caught my eye, so I posted a few of them:




Shot with a macro lens:



And then a shot of Harry from the last day of school, as I hadn’t posted it as of yet. He’s tricky to catch as he’ll often ham it up if he sees me pointing the camera his way…but he’s hard to resist with that red hair and green eyes! (Of course I didn’t manage to capture a shot of my son on the last day of school…oh well!)


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they are wrong about the weather forecast tomorrow…hoping for a sunny day for most of the day! (positive thinking!!!!) πŸ™‚

MicheleAugust 20, 2008 - 12:38 am

Wow! Those macros are incredible!!!!

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