Corporate/Personal Headshots: Toronto, Ontario

Liz, from Manifest, needed some new corporate headshots as well as some photos for her comedy improv work. We met up at Verity for her photoshoot.

Equipment Used: All the images here were shot with either the Canon 24–70 mm f2.8L lens or the Canon 85 f1.2L lens.

Verity is a wonderful location for a photoshoot as there are so many different backgrounds/locations to work with. We started in a meeting room with natural brick walls:


My fabulous friend, Janine, from, did the make-up for the shoot and she did a fab job, wish I had her available to do make-up for me every day! Here we moved outside to the back deck/patio area:



Just a little touch-up:


Then, in the drizzle, we did some shots in the back alley just for fun. Gives the shoot an urban feel and a great juxtaposition with the gritty alley against the sharp business suit:


Then it really started to rain, so we moved back indoors and borrowed one of the gorgeous hotel rooms available at Verity for a few more shots:




At the very end we moved out to a common area where I placed one of the fabulous pieces of artwork (which are everywhere at Verity!) into the background for a soft dreamy backdrop:


Thank you again Janine! And thank you Liz, it was so much fun!

shariJune 26, 2009 - 6:35 pm

wow, she is gorgeous, holly! beautiful images!

janineJune 26, 2009 - 9:57 pm

Liz has the prettiest eyes, yes?? Great shots, Holly — lovely lighting! Someone should have told the makeup artist to fix her hair and put on some makeup though… *grin*

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