The G Family: Family Photography, Toronto, Ontario

Jeanine was the winner of the Project Love photo shoot (see this blog post), and we had a wonderful time in a local park last Friday with her adorable daughter, Brigitte.

(See “My Camera Equipment” in footer section for links/more information on camera equipment used.)

We started off with a swing, can you tell she loves swinging? 😉


Loving the dreamy bokeh that the Canon 85 f1.2L lens produces, really is my favourite lens:


Loving the look of concentration on Brigitte’s face, and her beautiful eyes! (Shot with the Canon 24–70 mm f2.8L lens, which is much better at close-up work then the 85!)


Every mother experiences this, babies love their mommy’s necklaces!


Absolutely ADORE this shot! Brigitte looks too cute, and mom smiling in the background, can you say perfect?


We actually did the shoot at my local park, so guess who came by to say ‘hello’ during his recess break? My son Noah’s school is attached to the park where we did the shoot:


Mom and daughter having a swing:


Love this moment too!


It was a beautiful day for the shoot, sunny and warm with no rain, perfect:


At the very end I caught some wonderful backlit shots:


Thank you for spending Friday morning with me Jeanine and Brigitte!

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