More iPhone 4 Photography!

This is fast beginning the summer of the iPhone 4 as I continue to enjoy using it as my simple ‘pocket camera’. With the apps available you can have some fun with the image you’ve shot and create a more artistic version of the shot.

(All of the following images were shot and processed on the iPhone 4.)

A shot of Old City Hall in downtown Toronto, taken at the same time as the images in the last blog posting, but developed with a different app:

Toronto Old City Hall

I went back to visit the clock tower this weekend, this is a fave:

Summerhill Clock Tower

These shots were all taken the same evening (same as the one above), interesting to me all the different looks I can achieve from the same scene depending on how I processed the image:


While I was standing there, photographing the clock tower, my first photography client came by. We already have a shoot booked for later this month, but it was my first time meeting the newest member of the family, Laszlo. He was difficult to photograph with the iPhone as he moves so fast! I am looking forward to photographing him and his family later this month. Along side Lazlo I have posted some shots of Alice snoozing on my Apple Air Port/Time Capsule. She loves the heat it gives off, crazy kitty! lol


Speaking of animals, Rebecca came downstairs the other day to usher me upstairs to see these visitors right outside her bedroom window. So glad I had my iPhone to grab a few quick shots, as they didn’t hang around for long before departing to the roof:


And last, but not least, a few more random shots from the week:


IanSeptember 2, 2010 - 6:41 am

Hi Holly,
Loving your iP4 pics.
Inspired me to pick up the apps you mentioned in another post.
Hope mine look as good. 🙂
A couple of things about your “friends” though.
Make sure your garbage is inaccessible to them, of course, but you mentioned they continued ip to your roof.
Please check and make sure they haven’t made a home in your attic/crawlspace. You won’t be too pleased with their presence if that’s the situation. It becomes nasty and expensive to remove them I’d that’s the case.

Again, love the iP4 pics.


Holly SissonSeptember 2, 2010 - 10:49 am

Hi Ian,

Thank you! There are lots of great apps to use. Photography on the iPhone 4 is so much fun. 🙂

Yes, I have mentioned to the property managers (we rent) about the raccoons, but they haven’t really reacted. They may be living the empty house next door…I will follow up again.


NachoDecember 4, 2010 - 5:05 pm

Holly! What a neat site, and what cool images! You have a great eye Holly. Love the kitties! The series with the clock tower is just so cool — I love all of them — but the very top one in red is fabulous (a great BW version is in that one too). Keep that shooting up (seasonally, etc. — ought to make for quite a nifty artistic project). My other photo site is down for now while I re-organize, but I have some iPhone pics here and there. Thanks for commenting on my iPhoneart images!

Great to find you Holly!



HollyDecember 4, 2010 - 5:25 pm

Thank you Nacho! The clock tower is actually part of an old train station, which has now been restored and convertedto a liquor/wine store. It’s not far from my house, and that’s a good idea about making it an art project! Very busy time of year, right now, with the holidays approaching (doubling up of production work so everyone can take time off over xmas/new years, holiday baking, shopping, etc.) Hope that when we get some nice big flakes of snow I’ll have time to pop over and see what I can capture…time has been lacking for processing iPhone photography as well…hopefully over the holidays! 🙂 Let me know when your website is back up!

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