Alice the Cat on Bed Rest: Toronto Pet Photography

Alice had an unfortunate accident last week, her left front leg got caught in a closing door. Off to the vet we went, and would have had x-rays but their machine had crashed, so we decided to wait it out (the vet was pretty sure that she didn’t have a break in the larger leg bone). Fortunately they prescribed some medication to help Alice with the pain that also has the wonderful side-effect of making her sleepy! She sleeps quite a bit, normally, but this really helped in keeping her quieter then I think she would have been otherwise.

So, since I hadn’t posted a blog posting of Alice in a while, I thought this was a good time for an update!

Alice snoozing
Alice snoozing
Alice snoozing
Alice snoozing

Settling down on the bed for a snooze:

Alice Bed Rest collage

But it’s always a good idea to start with a in depth grooming session first:

Alice grooming collage

Even when she was up and about she was pretty good at keeping herself quiet, except that she would jump up to high places, and then jump down, which was not good for her injured leg! If I managed to catch her, I would lift her down, but cats are sneaky and quiet!

Alice Sitting collage

Thankfully she does seem to be on the mend. I gave her her last dose of meds today, so tomorrow should really tell the tale, but from the little I’ve seen of her walking around today I think she has really improved and is on the mend!

I don’t tend to be very political on my photography blog, but the recent CRTC decision to allow Usage Based Billing (UBB) on internet bandwidth has me completely outraged for all Canadians. This decision is anti-competive, stifles innovation and creativity for future endevours in the internet marketplace. This will effect all Canadians, will impact our children’s education and job prospects in the future. We, as Canadians, must stand up and be counted, that we oppose this recent CRTC decision. Here’s what you can do to help:

Sign the Petition at (I’m sure it will hit 250K today!)


Follow openmedia on FaceBook, come out to a local protest against UBB (one is happening this Friday in Toronto!)

Both the NDP and the Liberals have spoken up against this decision, but we can not let up on the campaign until the decision has been formally reversed! At the very least, please sign the petition and forward it to everyone you know in Canada.

Thank you!!!!

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