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Poor sick birthday boy…

My son turned 8 years old yesterday, but the poor little guy was so sick from the flu. He had his birthday party, with his friends on Saturday, and became ill half way through his own party. He didn’t even get to enjoy his own birthday cake. 🙁 At first he was feeling fine, watching […]

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Another Haircut Outing

It was time for haircuts again! Rebecca, before the haircut: Noah, during his haircut, he is amusing himself with his sister’s gameboy. You’ll note the lovely injury to his right eye that he received in gym class yesterday. I have cloned it out in his other images from today: This time Rebecca had her haircut […]

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A little trouble with my site…

Some of you may have noticed that my website and this blog were unavailable for more then 24 hours. Maybe you have emailed me and I haven’t responded? Well, my web server provider has had a HUGE hiccup with one of their servers. My site and email run off that server. They have the websites […]

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