October 2008 EatSavvy: Commercial Shoot

Some shots from this month’s EatSavvy shoot. EatSavvy will be published once a month, see this post to learn more.

A very yummy shoot this month! Certainly a menu I plan to recreate now that the cooler weather is upon us….



Delicious sweet potato wedges, see the recipe here:


The pulled pork was amazing, my kids loved the leftovers as well!


And a fabulous idea for the leftovers!


Part of the dinner party menu, the couscous-stuffed acorn squash was a great idea, and also very yummy!


None of us at the shoot had room (after our delicious lunch!) to try the Spooky Spider Brownies, but (again!) my kids loved them! A great spooky treat for this time of year!


Looking forward to whatever is on the menu for next month!

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