Mother/Daughter Day: Toronto Family Photographer

Noah was out for the afternoon/evening at a ball game and dinner to celebrate a classmate’s birthday, so Rebecca and I took advantage and had a wonderful mother/daughter afternoon on Bloor Street. I took the Canon EOS-1D MarkIII and the Canon 24–70 mm f2.8L lens along for capturing some photos.

On our way with the lights of Avenue Road in the background:


Liking how the cherry blossoms play off the pink of her shirt and jacket:



We stopped at a great used book store (BMV on Bloor) for some book shopping. Rebecca ended up with a huge pile of books, unfortunately I couldn’t find any of the current ones on my list in stock.


We were going to head over to another used book store, but decided (with light rain falling) that it would be a good time for a lunch break (and it was 2 pm by then too!). We started out on the covered patio, shot this close-up:


Then zoomed out for the wide angle shot:


Then it REALLY started to pour, so we decided we would be more comfortable inside, yummy latté (but not as good as the ones I make for myself!):


Our table full of food. Rebecca shared with me, but really just wanted toast so she could enjoy/indulge in eating peanut butter (which isn’t allowed in our house as Noah is allergic to peanuts/nuts), as you can see from the last shot of the four, she enjoyed!


Afterward, back on Bloor Street, the wind was picking up:





Waiting to cross the street, on our way home, caught some shots of the wind really blowing through Rebecca’s hair:



We are happy, loaded down with groceries, to almost be home!


And a little tired too!


I had an awesome afternoon with my girl, hope to repeat this type of outing many times in our future.

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