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Stars & Hearts

Playing with the lensbaby lens with the star-shaped creative aperture disk installed. It changes all out of focus points of specular highlights (bright points of light) to stars. The following are with the heart shaped aperature disc installed. They are a bit grainy due to the low light…it is getting darker earlier, and the days […]

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Some photos from halloween, first a couple from the Halloween Parade at school: Rebecca, in her Goth outfit/make-up: Noah, in his put together creepy costume: On the way to trick-or-treating. Lensbaby lens with the star creative aperture disk, which turns points of light into stars: (I attempted to make a Halloween shaped disk, but ran […]

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Some Recent Shots

A shot of Noah with a new friend from his Grandma Beth, on the occasion of his sister’s 11th Birthday. My friend’s daughter, caught outside during Girl’s Night drop-off. The birthday girl! Lensbaby shot from outside Art School last week. Rebecca at Black Creek Village this past weekend:

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