Summer Evening Outing: Toronto Photography

A few weeks ago I had a lovely dinner at my mother’s, and captured a few photos.

The adorable Simon:

Simon Laying on Ground

Simon looking Up

Milo the cat wasn’t too pleased with my camera:

Milo the Cat

I captured some photos of the flowers in her garden, and also walking to/from the dinner get-together:




Passing my the LCBO at Summerhill on the way home:


(Equipment used: Canon EOS-1D MarkIV (new version of this camera is the Canon EOS-1D X Digital), Canon 50 f1.4 lens)

Spa Day: Toronto Photography

My sister won a contest, sponsored by Maple Leaf, so we, and two friends, were treated to a lovely ‘spa day’. A chef arrived to cook us a delicious lunch, before we each had individual massages, manicures and pedicures. What a lovely indulgence it was!

The salad the chef prepared:

Salad from Spa Day

Perfect looking strawberries for the salad:

Strawberries for Salad

Prepping the lettuce:

Chef Preparing Lettuce for Salad

Slicing the strawberries:

Chef Slicing Strawberries for Salad

Corn cobs:

Corn Cobs

Great technique for removing those pesky corn silks:

Chef Using Cloth to Remove Corn Silk

Corn cobs started in the pot the chef brought with him, chicken (the ‘Maple Leaf’ part), started in his frying pan on the gas stove:

Chicken in pan on stove top beside corn cobs in pot

Corn was then moved to a frying pan, fried in bacon fat if I recall correctly…if you didn’t like bacon, not sure you’d enjoy this lunch! lol. 😉

Corn cobs on Stove

Dicing thick slices of bacon:

Chef Dicing Bacon


Bacon in Frying Pan on Stove

Chef Frying up Bacon on Stove

Crispy bacon was added to pre-prepared potatoes, part of a potato side dish:

Crispy Bacon Added to Potatos

Then it was warmed in the pan…with more bacon fat…yum! It’s certainly not a way I usually eat!

Chef Cooking up warm potato salad

Alice watched the proceedings from the kitchen window:

Alice at Kitchen Window Watching

The finished lunch plate. A wonderful start to our spa day experience.

Finished Spa Day Lunch

(Equipment used: Canon EOS-1D MarkIV (new version of this camera is the Canon EOS-1D X Digital), Canon 24–70 mm f2.8L lens)

The Beautiful Changing Sky of Summer: Toronto Photography

Some interesting skies lately, with summer clouds:

Toronto SkyLine

Created a few animated gifs of the sky photos I captured yesterday, shot throughout the day:








A little dark and stormy, another animated gif:

Sky Today

(Equipment used: Canon EOS-1D MarkIV (new version of this camera is the Canon EOS-1D X Digital), Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens)

Cat Update: Toronto Pet Photography

I posted a Zoe the cat update recently, so here’s an update on Alice and Finnegan.

Alice loves to sit at the kitchen window and look out at the world, and I love photographing her through the screen, think it adds an interesting element to the photo:


Both cats love to snooze on the coffee bag, filled with green beans, in what will one day be a pantry area. I guess it’s like sleeping on a bean bag chair. Love Alice’s blue eyes in this shot:


Finnegan hanging out in the kitchen:


Finnegan on a dining room chair, likely wondering why I’m taking his picture yet again, lol:


Alice wasn’t a fan of the hairball (fur ball?) medication, so we smeared some on her nose, forcing her to consume it (it’s for her own good!), now she likes it, and will lick it off an offered finger:


Backlit Finnegan and Alice:

Alice FinneganBackLit

Alice playing with her fave toy:


Two more shots of Alice through the screen window:





A ‘few’ more of Alice, 😉 :



(Equipment used: Canon EOS-1D MarkIV (new version of this camera is the Canon EOS-1D X Digital), Canon 100 mm f2.8 macro lensCanon 50 f1.4 lens & Canon 85 f1.2L lens)