Cat Update: Toronto Pet Photography

I haven’t posted an update of all the household cats for a few months, so this is long over due! I was having fun shooting with my two brightest lenses, the Canon 50 f1.4 lens & Canon 85 f1.2L lens. I love the shallow depth of field from these two lenses, and the beautiful bokeh.

Zoe, enjoying the deck:

Zoe enjoyed the deck

Alice, being silly on the arm of the sofa:

Alice on sofa arm

Alice snoozing on sofa arm

Finnegan also loves the deck, but he must be tethered, as he’s a bit too adventurous: 

Finnegan tethered on deck

Finnegan close up on deck

Finnegan hanging out on the deck

Zoe, chilling inside:

Zoe backlit on table

Zoe with paws curled under her on table

Zoe sitting

A few more of Alice:

Alice sitting

Alice sitting on sofa arm

Alice licking her foot


Alice yawning

Fluffy Alice

And a few more of Finnegan:

Finnegan squinting on deck 2

Finnegan squinting on deck

Finnegan on floor

(Equipment used: Canon EOS-1D MarkIV (new version of this camera is the Canon EOS-1D X Digital), Canon 50 f1.4 lens & Canon 85 f1.2L lens)