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Photography Workshop

I had the amazing experience of attending a photography workshop recently. Though rather time consuming to get to from Toronto, it was worth the 11.5 hour journey down and the 13.5 hour journey home. After we arrived, I went down to the beach: The next day we did some shooting with one of the instructors: […]

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September 2008 EatSavvy: Commercial Shoot

Some shots from this month’s EatSavvy shoot. EatSavvy will be published once a month, see this post to learn more. It was another fun shoot, and I’ve included some out takes this month…enjoy! We didn’t end up using this first shot, but I love the bokeh in it: Can you guess what was on the […]

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Soccer Season!

I used to be caught off guard, in previous years, that soccer would start off on the FIRST week back to school, but I’ve learned now, so we were one of the few people who were actually at the first game. (Thankfully they slowly trickled in so we were able to have a game! I […]

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